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Chuck Gallagher

Chuck Gallagher - Blueghost 22

Chuck passed away after a short illness on 13 April 2001

F Troop 8th Cav Yearbook - 1969

VHPA Reunion Nashville 1999

I had a lot of opportunities to fly with Chuck Gallagher during our tour in Vietnam. Most were memorable to say the least. There is a photo in Dan Delor’s collection of CW2 Jim Wilkerson and myself taken at the cobra pads in front of operations at the airfield at Tam Ky.

It was the second week in August ’69 and 16, (Dan), 28 (Wilk) and 26 (me) had been running a visual recon and recon by fire to the West of Tien Phouc, looking for elements of the 2nd NVA Division, that was known to be on the move toward the refugee center at Heip Duc. Anyway, Dan found the bad guys and Chuck was writing notes of what we were finding and the coordinates on the windshield with a grease pencil. I kept kidding him that the notes needed to be in “black” not blue, ‘cause I couldn’t read the blue very well from the backseat. He mumbled back and complained that” officers” that couldn’t read or were color blind had no business flying.

The banter between the two of us continued all the way back to Tam Ky and even while we were doing the post flight inspection (we were looking for bullet holes). One of the crewmembers took the picture of Wilk and Me in front of my aircraft. In the background, Chuck’s foot is standing on the engine cowling and him “giving me the bird” can clearly be seen in the reflection of my canopy.

I have a lot of pictures of a lot of people and places from Vietnam. I’ve always kept this one in my scrapbook to remember Mr. Chuck Gallagher, “BlueGhost 22”.

Rest in peace “Double Duce”


Thanks to Bob Wiggins for the remembrance of Chuck,

he will be missed by all that knew him.

Chuck - may we meet again on the other side,

Dan "BlueGhost 16"

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