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Past front page articles and old guestbook posts

Christmas Letter 2008  April 23rd, 2009
Sat, 6 Dec 08. Single digit temp this morning in my little corner of northeast Pennsylvania. I was at the post office by 0620, waiting for the truck to arrive with all the parcels, letters, and "junk mail" of which all of you are so fond. The temp brought back memories of a P-3 Orion pre-flight in Brunswick Maine at oh dark thirty so many years back. (Paul R. You can keep those ME winters all to yourself!). It is especially this time of year that I reflect on the things I like to do... [Read More]
March 2002 to Jan 2003  September 29th, 2006
March 2002 Just found site by accident. Was with Blueghost April 71 until Oct 71. Scouts and Night Hawk. Richard Keeshan March 2002 Thanks for covering our ass's. B/3/16 Tien Phouc 69/70. Welcome Home !!!!!! David FrayneMarch 2002Hi to all, Welcome Home to all. I'm a Ft. Knox member of the Troop. Went over on the boat to Vietnam. Served as a Blue and then as a gunneron Muff Handley's crew on a UH1C. Am in contact with Tom Parker ( best buds ) since Basic Training. We both went to... [Read More]
May 2001 to March 2002  September 29th, 2006
Another page of old posts... [Read More]
The Beginning- the first guestbook  September 13th, 2006
The Beginning Our very first guestbook hosted on a free site started in May 2000. We start with the first posts to the last from this book which ran until July 2003 when the pop-ups and pop-unders became too numerous to go there! May 5th 2000 at 09:53:35 AM 16, Thanks for the site. Each unit member should apply some input to this site, so our history can be viewed by all. The time I spent as your crew chief were some of the toughest times I have ever endured, but they were also some of the... [Read More]
Feb 2005 to Sept 2005  September 13th, 2006
2005/2/15 21:04 Wigs are you out there? Hope to see you at the reunion, just joined Target and am training now in Austin and will probably get my own store there in Apr or May. Hope Red and White attend as well. Talked to John Harris recently. Blue-- Dave Harrigan 2005/2/17 13:26 Hi, I was with Co E 123 avn right across the flight line at Ky Ha 1970 then moved to the south end of Chu Lai after the Marines left , I am looking for anyone from Co E or anyone that remembers... [Read More]
Fall 2004 to Jan 30th 2005  September 13th, 2006
We have had several guestbooks through the years. The first was free and hosted off site and worked great for the first couple years. They sold advertising space and our laptop was hijacked by a malicious script placed on their site. Luckily we had saved the web pages. The next 2 guestbooks got hit hard with spam or had too many security updates to keep track but we were able to save the data. Due to the number of new members in the past few months, we feel it would be of great interest to... [Read More]
Honor thy Father  August 7th, 2005
By RICK LAVENDER The Gainesville Times In 1970, Capt. Larron David Murphy's helicopter crashed in thick clouds and black night in South Vietnam. But only in recent years has his one child, Kim Whitworth of Gainesville, learned details about what happened and begun to comprehend the father she never knew.... [Read More]
Nashville Reunion 2004  August 7th, 2005
Dear BlueGhosts, Several weeks ago, Dan and Donna DeLor asked me to write an article about the BlueGhost reunion in Nashville. My first reaction was, ďSure, no sweat; Iíll come up with something.Ē Well, several weeks have passed and Iíve had more than one rum and coke and the big inspiration has not happened. ... [Read More]

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